Pedagogy and Propaganda: an Appendix

26 October 2023

An exhibit curated with artist and educator Brooks Turner

An image of a display case showing archival materials
Materials from the college archives

In his work as artist, writer, and educator, Brooks Turner questions historical narratives and the ways in which institutions codify stories that often fail to paint a complete picture. For the last few years, Turner’s focus has been on fascist and anti-fascist activity in Minnesota, with a close study of union organizing and labor history and how these model and relate to tactics of anti-fascist resistance.

In this library exhibit, Turner highlights union and labor history in Minneapolis, on Carleton’s campus, and beyond. He worked closely with museum and library staff as well as Brett Olson ‘24 to find the materials on view from archives and special collections. Also on display: a collection of artifacts illustrating the story of the Minneapolis Teamsters Strike of 1934 on loan from the East Side Freedom Library in St. Paul, MN, and in the main lobby: In Union: four banners by artists Keith Christianson and Edgar Heap of Birds celebrating the role indigenous leaders played in the history of labor organizing.

This exhibit developed alongside the current exhibit in the Perlman Teaching Museum: Pedagogy and Propaganda: New and Recent Work by Brooks Turner (on view September 21 – November 15). Visit the museum to see Turner’s recent body of work, and check the Perlman’s website to learn more and find a calendar of related events.