Mar 6

Bore Fields: Leslie Grant and Casey Deming

Wed, March 6, 2019 • Gould Library, 4th Floor Lobby

Leslie Grant


Casey Deming and Leslie Grant have been artists in residence at Carleton for the last year.

This exhibit marks the culmination of their residency, which they describe as 'an investigation of the interrelationship of labor, storytelling, institutional infrastructure, and archival knowledge-keeping through the lens of energy—specifically, the historical and contemporary methods of production at Carleton.'

The selection on view includes photographs and prints by Grant and Deming, photographs, drawings, and other materials from the college archives, and drawings by students, as well as photographs by Wayne Dyck, Foreman of the Bertram Drilling crew brought to Carleton's campus to build the geothermal bore fields at the heart of the college's sustainability efforts. 

Learn more about Leslie Grant here.

Learn more about Casey Deming here.

Learn more about Carleton's new Utility Master Plan here

Follow along on the Coffeehouse Press website here.

Please join us in the library for a reception celebrating this project on March 16, from 3-5pm

(Facebook event listing here)

We also invite you to join us for 'Archive Stories,' a related event sponsored by Coffee House Press:
Sunday, April 7th at 4pm
Company Projects
1237 4th Street North East
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55413





Event Contact: Zoe Adler

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Bore Fields: Leslie Grant and Casey Deming
  • Intended For: Students, Faculty, Staff

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