Students, faculty, and other researchers are welcome to use the resources housed in the Carleton College Archives. Access to material is provided only through the assistance of Archives staff. Users must complete a brief registration in order to use archival material, and personal identification may be required. All material must be handled with care to ensure its preservation. All material must be used in the reading room: the collections do not circulate. Photocopying and other duplicating services are available.

The Carleton College Archives houses a wide variety of primary sources related to the College, members of its community, and related topics. These materials not only reflect the history of Carleton itself, but also reveal the way Carleton has been impacted by, and reacted to, changes and events in the broader society. Carleton faculty interested in using the College Archives for a class should contact the College Archivist, Tom Lamb, directly at or 507-222-5300.

The College Archives is available by appointment only Mondays-Fridays, 8am to 4pm. Visits can be arranged by emailing or calling 507-222-4270.