Library 305 and Library 344

These classrooms are available for seminars, classes, and group use. The Registrar of the College schedules use of these rooms for classes. All other use is scheduled by Library Administration.

Library Lab 306

This space is used for reference instruction. When not being used for instruction, it is a computer lab for Carleton students.  To make a request to schedule a one-time booking in Library 306 contact Claudia Peterson by email at 507-222-4266.

Library 170

This space is used for Special Collections and Archives class instruction. See Using Special Collections and Using the Carleton College Archives for information on using this space.

Study Rooms

Individual and small group study rooms, as well as study carrels, tables, and lounge chairs, are available throughout the library. These are not assigned and cannot be reserved, but are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Study rooms may not be saved.  Personal items left unattended in study rooms and spaces will be removed by library staff and brought to lost and found at the circulation desk.

Presentation Spaces


The Athenaeum is a room where the library hosts various lectures, presentations, readings, and discussions.  When not scheduled for an official event the Athenaeum may be used to practice presentations.

Room 314

Room 314 can be used at any time to practice presentations.  It cannot be reserved and is only available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Classrooms 305 and 344

Two classrooms can be used to practice presentations when they are not scheduled for classes or other events.  Please see the signs posted outside each classroom for their officially scheduled classes and events.