Detail of the Honeybee chart.

Web Resources

The Art of Knowledge: Educational Botanical Wall Charts 1870 – 1960

Memory of the Netherlands, National Library of the Netherlands

This online exhibition documents the best of the thousands of wall charts in the collections of Dutch universities. Includes background and bibliographic information about the charts and high-quality images. You can view highlights of the collection or search the database.

The Art of Teaching: Charts & Models from the University of Dundee Museum Collections

University of Dundee Museum Service

This site documents a 2001 exhibition of wall charts and mathematical models from the University of Dundee.

Rudolf Leuckart Wandtafeln (Wall Charts)

Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

This online exhibition features images of the Marine Biological Library’s extensive collection of wall charts. The MBL has a complete set of Leuckart’s Folio I (101 charts) and eight of the twelve charts in Folio II.

Department of Biology

Humboldt University, Berlin

Online archive of an extensive collection of wall charts. Wonderful images of dozens of charts.

Wall Chart Collection

Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Carnegie Mellon University

The Hunt Institute’s collection features charts from the Botanische Wandtafeln (Berlin, Paul Parey) dating from the late 19th– and early 20th centuries. A searchable database includes images of the charts in the collection.

Other Resources

Visual Zoology: The Pavia Collection of Leuckart’s Zoological Wall Charts, 1877, edited by Carlo Alberto Redi, Silvia Garagna, Maurizio Zuccotti, Ernesto Capanna & Helmut Zachirias (Ibis, 2002).

Bucchi, Massimiano. “Images of science in the classroom: wallcharts and science education 1850–1920” The British Journal for the History of Science (1998), 31: 161-184. Cambridge University Press.