Plate No. 9: Proportions of Men, Women, and Children in Certain Occupation Groups: 1880-1890

The charts on these pages represent the percentage of workers who are men, women, and children between ages 10-15 (the chart on the left organizes the information by state; on the right, it is organized by occupation). In 1900, just over 18% of children nationwide were employed, and most of them (68% of working boys and 43% of working girls) worked in agriculture. 

Chart of Men, Women, and Children in Certain Occupations
Julius Bien & Co. Lith. N.Y.
Special Reports: Occupations at the Twelfth Census
Prepared under the supervision of William C. Hunt,
Chief Statistician for Population
Department of Commerce and Labor
Bureau of the Census
Washington, D.C. U.S. Government Post Office, 1904