Walter Shirlaw, N. A.: Omaha Dance

Artist and engraver Walter Shirlaw was hired in 1879 by the Census Agency to survey the Cheyenne & Crow tribes and document their culture. As a special agent of the Census, Shirlaw confirmed the accuracy of the enumerator’s count of the Cheyenne and made a report in which he describes the schools, the geographic setting of the reservation, and the people on the reservation – their character, language, rituals, social structure. This illustration accompanied his report of the Indian of the Northern Cheyenne Reservation, Tongue River Agency in Montana.

Standing Rock
Northern Cheyennes – Tongue River Agency, Montana, August, 1890
Eleventh census of the United States, 1890
Report on Indians Taxed and Indians not Taxed in the United States (Except Alaska)
Department of the Interior, Census Office
Washington, D.C. : U.S. Government Printing Office, 1894
Gould Library Government Documents