Foro Latinoamericano 2021

April 24, 2021

Mary Ellsberg and Yerling Aguilera: “Fighting Public and Private Violence in Nicaragua”

Foro Latinoamericano 2016

April 22–23, 2016

Bruno Bosteels: “Reasons of State”

Sarah Radcliffe: “Sumak Kawsay and Knowledge Production: Kichwa Women in Andean Equador”

Marisol de la Cadena: “Protesting from the Uncommons”

Foro Latinoamericano 2014

April 25–26, 2014

Opening remarks and conversation with Mexican film director Tatiana Huezo Sánchez

Foro Latinoamericano 2013

April 26–27, 2013

Miguel Tinker Salas: “Beyond Chávez: Unraveling the Enigma of Venezuela”

Sujatha Fernandes: “Radio Bemba in an Age of Electronic Media: The Dynamics of Popular Communication in Chávez’s Venezuela”

Javier Corrales: “From ALBA to Damascus: Explaining Chavez’s foreign policy”

Foro Latinoamericano 2011

April 15–16, 2011

Dennys Matos Levya: “Habitar, Construir, Pensar: Bajo qué circunstancias políticas culturales se crea arte ‘dentro de la Revolución’”

Foro Latinoamericano 2010

April 16–17, 2010

Janice Perlman: “Four Decades of Living on the Edge: The Favelas in Rio de Janeiro”

James McGuire: “Politics, Policy, and Mortality Decline in Chile: The Pinochet Paradox”

Moises Arce: “Inequality and Extra-parliamentary Politics in an Era of Democracy”

Roundtable Discussion: “The Neoliberal Agenda Reconsidered”