2023 Foro Latinamericano

“Discourses and Practices of Labor in Latin America”

April 21–22, 2023

How do people talk about work? What do words signal? What do they say about workers’ identity, race, gender, and social status? How have organized industrial workers and informal street vendors in Latin America described their labor? What words, frames, and discourses do they use, and what impact does this have on their organizing and collective action? We aim to examine the evolution of labor in Latin American history, from colonial times to the present, through its organization and resistances, and it’s representations in different media and discourses.

2023 Speakers

Dr. Allison Bigelow, Tom Scully Discovery Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, University of Virginia, affiliate faculty in Latin American Studies, Women, Gender & Sexuality, and the Equity Center. “Matter, Meaning, and Metals; Rethinking the Relationship of ‘Skilled’ and ‘Unskilled’ Labor in the Colonial Latin American Mining Industry.”
Dr. Calla Hummel, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Miami. Why Informal Workers Organize
Dr. Sarah Wells, Associate Professor of English, University of Wisconsin-Madison. The Strike Film: The View from South America