2024 Foro Latinamericano

“Beyond Revelry: Carnivalization and Memory in Latin America”

April 19-20, 2024

Carnivals and popular festivities play a crucial role in the construction of Latin American identity. Carnivals have been sometimes forbidden and other times reimagined, but have always posed questions about how they create, transform or reinforce the cultural repertoire. This year’s Foro will engage with questions about their intersection with social memory, urban spaces, and ideas of carnivalization.

2024 Speakers

Beatriz Jaguaribe, Professor Comparative Communications at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. Author of the book Rio de Janeiro: Urban Life through the Eyes of the City (2014)
Michael Birenbaum Quintero, Associate Professor of Musicology & Ethnomusicology at Boston University. Author of the book, Rites, Rights and Rhythms: A Genealogy of Musical Meaning in Colombia’s Black PacificI (2018)
River Insuasty, Award-winning Colombian artist who designs and crafts floats for the Black and Whites’ Carnival (Pasto, Colombia)