2022 Foro Latinamericano

“Mexico: New Routes of Exchange”

April 21–23, 2022

Mexico has long been a place of intricately lived and imagined stories. These stories, rooted in the past and present continue to influence the manner in which Mexico, and its people, is interpreted at home and abroad. Still, misconceptions prevail such as the profound impacts of pre-Columbian and colonial socio-economic structures that continue to shape conditions to this day. In particular, contemporary movements across the border are reduced to economic figures and conceptualized as unidirectional movements with little consideration to the cultural production that continually travels across transnational borders. Perhaps even more problematic, the vitality of Mexico’s continued intellectual and artistic production is minimized and oversimplified abroad. This year’s Foro Latinoamericano explores some of the persistent myths that continue to inform our understanding of Mexico to reveal the multiple ways in which this place continues to reinvent itself in unexpected manners. The goal is to reimagine Mexico’s complicated heritage as a source of constant exchange, resilience, and inspiration.

2022 Speakers

John Tutino, one of the most prominent Scholars of Mexico’s history
Molly Doane is a renowned anthropologist that examines the environmental politics of rural farming communities in both Mexico and the US
Juan Villoro is a prolific writer and journalist, whose work has been translated in many languages.