Latin, the foundation of the Romance languages and a major influence on English (over 50% of English words come from Latin!), is crucial for understanding Western history and literature. Its study sharpens analytical skills, particularly in fields like law, medicine, and theology, due to its extensive use in specialized terminology. Learning Latin also enriches engagement with classical literature and philosophy, making it a valuable asset for academic research in the humanities. Even Stephen Colbert knows Latin!

At Carleton we offer:

  • Elementary, intermediate, and advanced courses in Latin
  • A flexible major in Classics that allows focus in either Greek or Latin, or the civilizations (history, literature, archaeology) more generally
  • Minors in Latin or Classics
  • Latin courses in authors of interest to students in History, Political Science, Philosophy and Literature
  • Off-campus study programs in Rome through the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies and other organizations
  • An intimate community of faculty and students passionate about the ancient world

To learn more about Latin at Carleton, visit the Department of Classics!