If you have knowledge of Hebrew and wish to take a Hebrew placement test, please print the test below and handwrite your answers. Make sure that especially if you use a pencil, all of your writing can be clearly read. Please mail your completed test to the address below, or you may scan your pages using a good scanner app, not a smart phone camera. Remember that even though you’re creating a .pdf of your test to email, all of your answers must still be handwritten, not typed in any print or script Hebrew font. Once you’ve created one .pdf file from all of your pages and you’ve checked that all of your answers can be clearly read, email your .pdf as an attachment to Professor Beckwith at sbeckwit@carleton.edu. Your test should arrive at Carleton by mail or email by Monday, July 15th, 2024, so be sure to allow enough time.

Any tests sent by mail can be sent to the following address (must be received by July 15):

Professor Stacy Beckwith
Department of Middle Eastern Languages
1 N. College Street
Northfield, MN 55057

If your whereabouts this summer will make it difficult for your test to arrive at Carleton by this date, email Professor Beckwith well ahead of the deadline. She will be in touch to set a more feasible due date with you later in July or early August, before you start preparing for Fall registration.

Professor Beckwith will email you your tentative placement before registration. Once on campus, you’ll have an oral interview on during New Student Week, at which time your placement will be confirmed. If you have questions over the summer, email Professor Beckwith at sbeckwit@carleton.edu.