Ancient Greek opens a direct path to the roots of Western thought, democracy, and science. Learning it deepens understanding of historical texts and influences modern science and languages, given its extensive lexical contributions. For example, did you know that if a word has a ph or rh in it, it probably comes from Ancient Greek! Ancient Greek is particularly valuable for scholars and historians, enhancing analytical and linguistic skills, and offering profound insights into Western culture and heritage.

At Carleton we offer:

  • A flexible major in Classics that allows focus in either Greek or Latin, or the civilizations (history, literature, archaeology) more generally
  • A minor in Greek
  • Elementary and intermediate courses in Ancient Greek, as well as insightful classes like, “Greek Prose”, “The Greek and Latin Roots of English”, and “Gender and Sexuality in Classical Antiquity”
  • Exciting Off-Campus Study programs like Greece at a Crossroads: History, Landscape, and Material Culture
  • An intimate community of faculty and students passionate about the ancient world

To learn more about Greek at Carleton, visit the Department of Classics!