German, the language of innovators and thinkers like Einstein and Goethe, plays a pivotal role in both European culture and global business. Learning German opens up access to a rich literary and philosophical tradition, and is particularly beneficial for those interested in engineering, science, and technology, given Germany’s leading role in these fields. Learning German enhances career prospects in international business and enriches travel and cultural experiences in Central Europe, offering both professional and personal benefits.

Should I learn German at Carleton?

German Flowchart

At Carleton we offer:

  • Courses in the German language, from elementary to advanced, with potential opportunities to gain a Global Seal of Biliteracy in the language
  • Exciting and thoughts provoking German courses like “German Music and Culture from Mozart to Rammstein”, “What’s New: The Latest Works in German-Speaking Media”, and “Thinking Green in German”
  • A major and a minor in German
  • A biannual off-campus program in Austria
  • Fun events and activities like Mittagstisch (German lunch table), German movie nights, and more!

To learn more about German at Carleton, visit the German Department website!