Mandarin Chinese, the most spoken language in the world, holds immense cultural and historical significance. Learning Chinese not only bridges the gap to understanding China’s rich heritage and traditions but also plays a crucial role in global business and international relations, given China’s growing economic influence. Knowledge of Chinese can open up diverse career opportunities, enhance cultural exchanges, and provide a unique perspective on Eastern philosophy and literature.

At Carleton we offer:

  • Chinese language courses from the beginning to advanced proficiency levels, along with potential opportunities for Chinese language certifications
  • Engaging classes, such as “Heroes, Heroines, Exceptional Lives in Chinese Biographical Histories”, “Digital China: Media, Culture, and Society”, “Tasting China: Regional Geography and Food Culture”, and “Reading Chinese Comics”
  • A special major in Chinese
  • A Chinese minor
  • Faculty-led Off Campus Study programs
  • Fun activities like Chinese tea time and movie nights!

For more information about Chinese at Carleton, visit the websites of the Department of Asian Languages and Literatures or Asian Studies!