Class of 2027 Language Placement –

*Due dates vary. Please visit your individual language page for your exact deadline.

Some deadlines are as early as July 1st!

If you are just beginning a language at Carleton, sign up for the first course in the sequence – the 101 level. For most languages, the 101 level is offered only in the fall. Check the Registrar’s course schedule for more information.

If you have already taken one or more years of a language in high school, we need to determine your level in order to direct you to the appropriate course. This may be done by external testing (AP, IB) or by our own internal tests. For more information about external tests, see our Prior Credits Policy.

The Placement menu (below) contains information specific to each language department. 

Note that you should take placement exams (or submit scores) for all languages you have studied, even if you do not know which you may continue studying at Carleton.

Please Note:

Carleton’s internal language placement testing is conducted during the summer before new students arrive. Specific details for each language department can be found in the pages listed below.

If you need special accommodations for the on-campus exams, contact the respective department before coming to campus in order to make arrangements. Please read the instructions for the language you are interested in for more information.

Language Placement Testing Information