Not everyone has time to major in a language. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do advanced work in one.

In most languages we offer a minor, which is designed for students who want to do advanced work in languages without pursuing the full-fledged major. For many students, the majority of the minor can be completed during a single off-campus program.

The minor is an excellent way to demonstrate a high level of proficiency in a language, and will be recorded on your transcript.

To achieve the minor, students must generally complete with a grade of C- or better six courses in the chosen language or area studies group beyond 103 (204 in Asian Languages or Arabic, or the interdisciplinary minor in French & Francophone Studies). Although courses for the minor may be taken on an S/CR/NC basis, “D” or “CR” level work will not be sufficient to satisfy course requirements. Students who place out of 204 must still complete the six-course requirement. Courses that count toward the minor are indicated in the descriptions of the respective language department offerings in the Catalog. Specific requirements and procedures are outlined in the Academic Catalog and on the webpages of each language department.