Did you know?

  • If a word has ph or rh in it, it probably comes from ancient Greek.
  • The civilizations of Greece and Rome link us with the cultures of 57 nations on four continents.
  • Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin took first class honours in Ancient Greek from University College London. You, too, can be a rock star if you learn Greek!

At Carleton we offer:

  • A flexible major in Classics that allows focus in either Greek or Latin, or the civilizations (history, literature, archaeology) more generally.
  • Minors in Greek, Latin or Classics.
  • Courses in Greek authors of interest to students in History, Religion, Political Science, Philosophy, Theater and Literature.
  • Off-campus study programs in Athens through College Year in Athens and other organizations.
  • An intimate community of faculty and students passionate about the ancient world.

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