At Carleton, language isn’t just talk; we take it seriously!

Our programs in foreign languages and cultures are vital and dynamic, offering instruction in ten languages. This doesn’t even count the many other languages spoken by faculty and our international students. If you’re looking for a language community, there’s a good chance we have what you need here on campus!

We believe in putting language to active use in a variety of contexts. We have extensive course offerings on campus in literature and culture, but many students will use their foreign language(s) during off-campus study as well. On campus we provide a multitude of extra-curricular activities, and many courses in other disciplines (from Art History to History to Political Science) provide students with opportunities to do advanced work using their language skills.

All of the language departments and the Language Center are housed in Carleton’s Language and Dining Center (LDC) — the first new building constructed for languages on any American campus in over a century!