WebCheckout is an online system for tracking a library of items available for checkout from an office at Carleton. By using WebCheckout, your office can keep track of who has your items, track usage statistics, and maintain inventory information.

WebCheckout Vocabulary

Checkout Record: A record of a patron checking out an item from the checkout center
: A record of a patron reserving an item ahead of time to be checked out later.
: When a patron picks up the items they have previously reserved.
Renew: Extending the time period a patron can keep the items they currently have checked out.
Return: When a patron returns an item to the checkout center.
Patron: The people at Carleton College who may check items out from a checkout center.
Resource: The items available for checkout or reservation in a checkout center.
Media: Resources that are books or films.


WebCheckout – Login

WebCheckout – Checkout

WebCheckout – Reserve

WebCheckout – Pickup

WebCheckout – Renew

WebCheckout – Return

Web Checkout – Find People

WebCheckout – What’s Late