two students sitting on a couch talking in the Language Center

The Language Center has a limited number of rooms that are available for reservation. Rooms can be reserved for language classes, private or group study, film screenings, conversation practice, language-related events, etc.

Within the Language Center, we have a Lounge, a Huddle Space, and a small computer lab (LDC 221). You’ll find more information about these rooms, including details about how to reserve each space here.

We also have a number of classroom spaces in LDC (LDC 201, 203, 204, 241, or LDC 242, 243, and 244 after 3a) that can be reserved through the Language Center. For more information about reserving these spaces or to book a classroom, please contact please contact the Director or the Assistant to the Director.

If you are interested in booking any other rooms in LDC, please contact Campus Scheduling.

Exam Proctoring

Most terms we assist with some form of language exam proctoring and our rooms may be booked during these times. Please pay attention to any signage that may be posted outside of classroom doors or within the Language Center that might indicate a room or space is already reserved.