Thanks for checking out the remodel page! We received enough funding to do some remodeling of the Language Center in late 2019. Based student (approximately 100 students answered our survey) and faculty feedback, we wanted to open up the space, create some more light and writing space, and have various “zones” to accommodate private study, conferencing, possible film screening and presentations, and generally have a space for people to come to, study, and engage in foreign language practice in a variety of ways. Keeping our budget in mind, that primarily allowed us to take down a couple walls, repaint, add a variety of furniture pieces, and add a couple of pieces of technology.

Below is a list of changes to the Language Center as well as an image gallery showing the work done over the summer.

List of changes:

  • The old, large student workstation, filing cabinets, unused office and satellite equipment as well as the remaining furniture, have been removed.
  • The knee-wall as well as the walls separating the old LDC 223 and 224, and the main Language Center lounge spaces have been removed to open up space.
  • Ceiling level platforms have been removed.
  • All walls in the main lounge area have been repainted with two highlight walls. Additionally, the wall surrounding the main entrance has been repainted.
  • For new furniture, we have added mediascape lounge seating, a booth with table, a corner booth with table, a couch, several stools, chairs and a few tables, a high table with chairs facing out the back windows, and a new, student workstation.
  • New technology spaces include a 4-5 person huddle space with 55-inch TV and an OWL Meeting Pro for conference calling, a 65-inch TV in the main lounge for digital signage, movies, and presentations, and we added or made available power ports to charge personal devices.
  • In the near future, we plan on adding new reading materials and games.
  • LDC 221 will still be used as a testing and/or film space and was untouched for the remodel.
  • LDC 221 and the huddle space will now be open for reservations for faculty and students (see Appointments tab), and the Language Center lounge can be reserved for special events or classes (contact Don Vosburg for more information).
    • During COVID, social-distancing and mask guidance apply and may affect capacity.

While we will come back to update this page occasionally, important information will be found either on our front page if it is of immediate importance, in our FAQs, or on our Facebook page.

If you have any questions, please contact Don Vosburg (dvosburg).