How is COVID-19 affecting the Language Center?

Please see our COVID-related changes page for more information. This will update as we get more information.

Which rooms can the Language Center reserve?

The Language Center has direct reservation access to LDC 201, 203, 204, and 241, with additional access to LDC 242, 243, and 244 in the afternoon. However, the latter set of rooms are booked first for courses via the registrar’s office.

Other rooms in the LDC should be reserved through Campus Scheduling.

Who do I contact for classroom technology or printer support?

If you are in the LDC, you can contact the Language Center for basic classroom technology or printer support. However, anything that needs more than a simple solution will require the help of ITS (x5999).

The Language Center is also responsible for adding paper to the printer in LDC 220 as well the printer found in the 2nd floor hallway.

What do I need to know about Language Placement?

Once you have been accepted (congratulations!) and decided to come to Carleton, you will receive an email with steps you will need to take, which will include the language placement test. For more information regarding deadlines and other information for new students, please visit the New Students site.

Each language department will have its own testing system. For more information, please visit our Language Placement Testing site, and click on the language you are interested in pursuing.

Who is Avant and what are the PLACE and STAMP language exams?

Avant is the company that supplies us with a placement exam (PLACE) that Spanish, French, and German currently use as a second layer of placement testing for students who originally received a TBA or TBD from their WebCape language test.

Avant also provides the support for the STAMP (language assessment) exam. Occasionally, a language course may have students take the STAMP assessment test. This is free for students, and it will provide a general assessment of their language abilities.

Both PLACE and STAMP are adaptive, language tests that are used by a large number of academic institutions.

For more information on Avant, please see their website.

How can I schedule a PLACE or STAMP exam?

For departments, please contact Don Vosburg ( for pricing and scheduling information. Currently all testing is done through the language programs at Carleton.

If an individual student wishes to complete their own assessment they may do so at their own cost. Please note that this is NOT a substitute for, nor will the results exempt you from, your language requirement at Carleton.

Please note that this is not the same as the WebCape placement exam. For WebCape please see Mary Tatge (

For any other questions about these or other language proficiency tests, contact Don Vosburg (

What role does the Language Center play for film screenings?


Faculty will choose for their courses which films, days and times of showings for their class and/or event. They will also contact the library (Jason Hallen: jhallen) to request your movies and have them delivered to the Language Center. If the Language Center is showing the film, they will also contact us to arrange the showing in the LDC.


All films are initially located at the library. If you are just looking for any film, please search through the library database and reserve your copy as normal.

If the film was part of your language class and the Language Center ran the showing of the film, the Language Center will hold onto course films until the end of the term for individual showings. Therefore, any students that missed a film screening can come by the Language Center and watch the film in the LDC. Films must remain in the LDC.

What role does the Language Center play for the Language Associates (LAs)?

The Language Center arranges the orientation schedule for the Language Associates, provides some of the training during orientation week, and is available to answer questions pre-arrival as well as during the academic year (Or direct the LA to a different contact if it is something we should not be answering). We can also help find spaces for office hours or tutoring in the LDC.

LA job responsibilities are primarily with the individual language departments to which the LA belongs. Therefore, generally speaking, you should reach out to the LAs directly via email if a student wishes to speak with them.

What role does the Language Center play in the language exemption process?

Currently the Language Center plays no role in exemption. Please see the Language Requirement Exemption page for more information and petition documents.

Where can I or my students find the Antidote software?

Antidote (version 10) can be found on computers in LDC 221 (in the Language Center), computers 1-18 in LDC 241, and computers 7-9 in LDC 242.

Currently, due to COVID-19, French students can gain access to a web version of Antidote. See our Carlpedia page about Antidote for more information.

Can the Language Center host or possibly support an event?

Yes! Departments and/or interested students should contact the either Don Vosburg (dvosburg) or Fabia Dennison (fdennison) at the Language Center for more information.

What resources does the Language Center have?

The Language Center is currently rebuilding some of its resources and is also willing to take any suggestions!

We do have: 4 computers with Antidote for private use and testing, we have 2 small screen TVs for private film screening, a large selection of audio and written learning material for several languages (highly direct, explicit language information), a limited amount of licenses of Rosetta Stone, and a small variety of grammar/language textbooks. We are also updating soon with a new huddle space for tutoring, film screening, and general studying.