The primary computer for each faculty/staff member is on a four-year replacement cycle managed by ITS. Shared-use, student-worker, and other non-primary computers are generally funded on a five-year replacement cycle.

For a new staff position in your department please submit a Hardware Request. ITS covers the cost of the primary standard computer (or replacement) for all faculty and staff. Additional hardware can be funded through a grant, start-up funds, departmental funds, or the New Technology Request Process. The choice of a funding source has implications for how replacements are handled. For more information, please click here: Computer Replacement Policy.

Beginning in 2021, when Carleton employees receive new computers they will be issued laptops. Specific use cases for desktops can be accommodated after an initial review of the request with ITS. External monitors, keyboards, etc. are available to provide sufficient screen real estate and better options for ergonomic working conditions.

Please see the current Standard Computing Specifications for details.

Specialty hardware should be purchased through ITS to ensure compatibility and support. Funding for specialty hardware can be obtained through departmental funds or the New Technology Request Process. Replacement of specialty hardware is the responsibility of the individual departments.

Temporary Use

If you have a temporary computer need, i.e. for conference travel or while teaching abroad, the ITS Helpdesk maintains a pool of loaner laptops. Please see Equipment Reservation & Checkout for more info.


Please contact the ITS Helpdesk at x5999.