What is it?

The RemoteLab allows members of the Carleton community to connect to a pool of refreshing public lab machines located on campus. In this way, they can use applications that they don’t have on their personal computers.

Why is it important?

Reducing the number of computers helps with physical distancing, but doesn’t address the need for access to specialized software.  We have, therefore, created the RemoteLab, allowing students to use their personal computer to control a Carleton-owned computer that has the needed software. While this won’t work for every program, it greatly expands the number of specialized applications students, especially those who are off-campus, have access to. We have also expanded our list of software titles that students can install on their personal computers.

If you have student workers who are accessing medium or high risk data, it is more secure to do that work on a Carleton computer. If they can’t work in your office, they are welcome to use the RemoteLab service which provides virtual access to a Carleton computer. If you have specialized software it can be installed on the RemoteLab as well.

Getting started

See the Knowledge Base for to get started with the RemoteLab.

For more information

Please contact the ITS Helpdesk at x5999 or visit ITS Support.