There are several different methods of backing up your computer files at Carleton.  The primary and preferred method is through the software application CrashPlan, which is installed on all new faculty and staff computers.  Alternately, Apple computers can back up to an external hard drive using Time Machine.  Currently, CrashPlan is only supported for Carleton owned computers.

Getting Started

  • CrashPlan is installed on all new Macs and PCs.  If your computer is still using LiveBackup, contact the ITS Helpdesk at x5999 to have CrashPlan installed.
  • By default, CrashPlan will back up your entire user profile, which includes your documents, downloads, internet bookmarks and history, and all your settings for your computer.  You can change what folders are being backed up through the CrashPlan application on your computer.
  • All Carleton Crashplan clients have a maximum storage quota of 500 GB. If you receive a warning about exceeding your quota, or feel that you may need a larger backup archive, contact the ITS Helpdesk for assistance.

More Info

  • For detailed instructions on installing and using Crashplan at Carleton, start here: CrashPlan Website.
  • You can also explore the vendor’s extensive collection of documentation here: CrashPlan Support.
  • CrashPlan backs up selected folders and files over a network connection. As long as you have an active connection to the internet, it will work if you are on the Carleton network or away from campus.
  • After installation, CrashPlan will perform a full backup of your user profile, which may take as long as several days, depending on how much data you have to back up.  After the initial full backup, CrashPlan backs up any new or changed data in configurable intervals (by default, every 15 minutes). 


Please contact the ITS Helpdesk at x5999