These telephone accessory items are available to staff and faculty through the Helpdesk at X5999, email or submit a service order request ticket through TeamDynamics.

  • 13” handset cord: from handset to base
  • 22” handset cord: from handset to base
  • Shoulder rest ($8)
  • Logitech USB Headset H390 for softphone ($40)
  • Plantronics CS540 hands free headset with lift ($170)

Instructions on how to use the accessories

Logitech USB Headset

Instructions on how to use my Logitech Headset

Using your Plantronics CS540 hands free headset with lift

Your CS540 wireless headset has two buttons.  

Plantronics wireless headset image

Understanding your CS540 headset
The first thing to understand is the Call Control Button.  This is how you turn your headset on and off.  This is also the button to press to answer/hang-up calls remotely while away from your desk.  When the headset is in use, the LED indicator light will flash white.  

The second button (or rocker switch) is located at the back of the headset and controls your speaker volume.  When pushed up, it raises your speaker volume, and pushed down decreases the volume.  You have 3 levels, so continue pressing for increased or decreased volume levels.  

NOTE: If you find you’re still having trouble hearing your caller, or your caller is too loud and causing an echo or feedback, you will need to adjust your base volume setting (see below).  Think of it as your base being the major speaker volume adjustment and your headset being the minor speaker volume adjustment.  Finding an adjustment on the base which allows your headset to be in a middle position will typically work best.  This allows you to make a minor speaker adjustment from call to call if need be.

The second button (or rocker switch) also acts as your microphone mute button when pushed in.  You will hear three high tone beeps indicating the microphone is muted and the LED light on the base will turn solid red.  Pushing the button in again will deactivate the mute feature allowing your caller to hear you again.

Plantronics heaset base image

Understanding your CD540 Base Adjustments
Your CS540 base has two volume adjustment dials (Speaker 1-4 & Microphone 1-6) and one compatibility slide switch (Labeled A-G).

The Speaker Volume dial (settings 1-4) is the major adjustment for what you hear.  If you need to adjust it, turn the dial until you feel the dial slide into the next numbered position.  Once you find a comfortable setting, remember from Step 4, you also have a fine tune speaker adjustment on the headset which allows you to make small volume adjustments from call to call.  As you know each call you take is different so having a volume control on the headset lets you easily adjust as needed.

The Microphone Volume dial (settings 1-6) is what controls your microphone volume, or how well your caller hears you.  Make sure to call a friend or co-worker for your first call and ask how you sound.  Once you set this, your voice rarely changes, so you’ll usually set this during installation and never touch it again.  

NOTE: If you hear an echo or feedback with your headset, it may be caused by your Microphone Volume being set slightly louder than it needs to be.  You will always hear a little of your voice come through your headset speaker, which is called side tone.  If you have too much side tone causing echo, turn down your Microphone Volume enough so your caller still hears you comfortably, but enough so the side tone is not distracting to you.

The Compatibility Slide Switch (settings A-G) is the true “Brains” of the Plantronics CS540.  This adjustment is what configures the CS540 to work with hundreds, if not thousands of telephones currently on the market.  Setting “A” is the default setting that works with most telephones.  If you find you can’t hear you caller, your caller can’t hear you, or it sounds distorted, continue sliding to the next letter until you find the setting that sounds the best.  Once set, you will not need to adjust the Compatibility Slide Switch again, unless you change phones.