Saving Your Stuff

At the end of July, your student account will be shut off and the files and emails stored throughout your accounts will be removed.  To save these files and take care of other digital identity issues, read about Leaving Carleton (Your Digital Departure).

Passing on Your Stuff

If you own a mailing list or lead a student organization, you need to make sure that those resources have valid owners after you graduate, and that the appropriate continuing students have access to manage them. After you’ve followed the instructions below, please tell the new owners what you’ve done. 

Google Groups (was Mailing Lists)

All mailing lists you own must be transferred to someone who isn’t graduating. Any lists that end up without a valid owner (e.g. when your Carleton Google account closes) will be closed.

To see if you own or manage lists, and update the management or close the list, follow these directions:

  • Go to Google Groups and log in with your Carleton account.
  • Click on the My Groups button
  • Make sure your page reads “My Groups in”
    If it does not you may need to click on just after the words “Switch Organization View to:”
  • You will see a list of groups to which you belong. 
    Underneath a group name it will say Manage if you are a manager of that group and will include (Owner) if you own it.
  • Click the Manage link to go to the management page.
  • To completely delete the group:
  • To update group management:
    • You will see a list of group members.  Find the entry for whomever should manage or own the list next.
      We suggest selecting multiple people to make sure access is easy to maintain.
    • Check the box next to their name or names of the new managers
    • Click on the Actions button at the top of the list of members
    • Select Add to Role and choose Manager
    • For more information about these settings, review Google’s documentation on roles.
  • Repeat for all the lists you own or manage

If you have questions about your mailing lists, contact the ITS Helpdesk.

Student Organizations

If you lead a student organization, you have access to certain online resources through the CSA and possibly network folders for your group. This access will not carry over to your alumni account and must be transferred.

To find out what you have access to, go to the Organization Leader Dashboard.

Those groups that you can manage will then be listed on the organization list page. Click on the Manage link for a group.

Make sure that the group officers for next year are entered in the Leadership tab.

Then check the Web Site & Social Media tab. If the org has a Reason site, update the list of site editors, removing any graduating seniors and adding new members who you want to grant editing access. Make sure to update the primary site maintainer as well, if they are graduating.

If you have questions about Student Orgs, contact Doug Bratland.