New Alumni Email Forwarding addresses are no longer being offered, as of December 2020. Forwarding that had been set up prior to December 2020 will continue to operate as-is until further notice.

Alumni forwarding addresses have the form: or

Changing an alumni forwarding address

Alumni wishing to change an alumni forwarding address should contact the Alumni Relations Office at 1-800-729-2586.

Tip for avoiding Spam filters

Set your Reply-To field to be your address, rather than the From address, when sending email messages.

Different mailing programs handle forwarded/forwarding email differently, but the key (if you want replies to go to your address) is to set the Reply-To field to be your and leave the From address alone. By changing the Reply-To address and leaving your From address so that it points to your existing email provider, you will avoid having your email labeled as spam.