OnBase is, at its heart, a system to manage documents that source from scanning, virtual printing, or automated imports from other information systems. Using OnBase for file management allows the data to be easily and securely stored and shared, to be routed as needed, and to be accessed from within other applications when appropriate. OnBase can be accessed via the web or installed as a client where needed; contact the ITS Helpdesk for assistance on getting the software installed. OnBase is most heavily used by staff, although faculty can access specific documents from it, such as information about their advisees.

Getting Started:

The process of getting your office set up to use OnBase begins with an interview to explore how you hope to use it, what kinds of documents you use, and what your workflow is like.  Based on this information, ITS will work with you to map out a plan and provide training.

Documents are added to OnBase primarily through scanning paper files or importing files from your computer.  OnBase has powerful tools to automate the process and can accept many different kinds of files.

One of the most powerful features of OnBase is the ability to quickly and easily find a variety of different kinds of documents linked by a common piece of information, such as all the paperwork for a business office transaction.  If you are regularly running multiple queries to retrieve the documents you need, ITS may be able to create a custom query to simplify the process.

OnBase has the ability to automatically remove documents after a user-defined length of time, i.e. deleting financial records after seven years.

If you need to request an OnBase account for yourself, a staff member, or a student worker, please contact the ITS Helpdesk at x5999, or via the web at the ITS Helpdesk website, or via email at Helpdesk@carleton.edu.

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Please contact Matt Wallace (x5605).