Carleton has about 240 networked printers and multi-function devices that are shared by Carleton faculty, staff, students, and visitors. (Multi-function devices, or MFDs, can print, copy, and scan.) To print to such a printer or MFD from a college-owned computer, the printer must first be installed on or added to the computer.

Getting Started

  • ITS public labs computers already have the nearest printer or MFD installed and set as the default printer. Departmental labs computers usually have this too.
  • Directions for adding a networked printer or MFD to a college-owned computer can be found in the ITS Knowledge Base for Windows or Mac
  • Printing from a personally owned computer is possible using the PaperCut WebPrint service, which doesn’t require installing the printer or a print driver. Discover detailed WebPrint instructions.

More Info

  • Carleton-owned printers and MFDs are named using a combination of the abbreviation for the building and room they are located in and their model name. For example, CMC104-CC5550 is a Canon C5550 MFD on the first floor of CMC in or near room 104.
  • All networked printers and MFDs are listed, along with their configurations, operators, and restrictions, on the Printers page. Printers listed are sorted by building and room, across two pages.
  • Almost all networked printers and MFDs are managed using PaperCut, which identifies the user and charges each print job appropriately, against a student print quota or department shared account.


Please contact the ITS Helpdesk at x5999