Carleton faxing is done through our FreePBX phone system. Faxes are sent via your personal FreePBX User Control Panel and faxes are received through your Carleton GMail account as an attachment.

Faculty and Staff

Most departments on campus have a fax numbers that allows them to receive faxes. Departments will typically set up a Google group that lists the individuals that will receive the faxes. Your departments Google administrator can make ajustments to your Google fax group.

Sending a fax does not use the department fax number. Each individual wanting to send a fax needs to submit a Fax Request Ticket to get this functionality activated. When activated, you will be able to send faxes via your personal FreePBX User Control Panel.

Here are the directions on how to send a fax via your personal FreePBX Control Panel.


Students that need to send a fax should work with the departmental office that is most relevant to their fax request. The deparment will send the fax on your behalf. Common departments that send and receive faxes on behalf of students include the Dean of Students office, Business Office, Off Campus Studies, SHAC or PEAR. If you are unsure of the office to use, you can submit a Fax Request Ticket and the ITS helpdesk can direct you to the correct department.


For questions about Faxing, please contact the ITS Helpdesk at x5999