Carleton provides both wired and wireless network connectivity in nearly every office, classroom, dorm room, and common space on campus.  You may need access to more or different connections than currently exist in a particular space; while it is not always possible to accommodate every request, we will work with you to find a workable solution.

Getting Started:

  • Most offices and dorm rooms have several network ports at various places in the space.  If the active ports are not in the location you need, contact the ITS Helpdesk with the room and port number found on the sticker on the wall plate you want activated (e.g. CMC111-D2).
  • Office changes and moves should be coordinated with the ITS Helpdesk (x5999) to ensure network connectivity is available for printers and computers in their new locations.

More Info:

  • If you are hosting a large event, such as a conference or large meeting, ITS can add additional wired or wireless connectivity to nearly any space on campus.  Making these accommodations requires a minimum of two weeks notice. Please contact Chris Dlugosz at x4841 to make arrangements.
  • Carleton has multiple wired networks with different access privileges. If you are trying to access Colleague or another administrative system and can’t, your port may be configured on the wrong network. Please contact the ITS Helpdesk for assistance getting your port switched to the correct network.
  • Wireless network problems can have a wide range of causes. If you are having trouble connecting, please contact the ITS Helpdesk. Please include as much detail about the problem as possible, including information about the device(s) having trouble, the date and time the issue occurred, the location the issue occurred in, and any additional information you feel would be helpful. 


  • For questions about port activation, network problems, or office moves, please contact the ITS Helpdesk via a chat, call or submit a ticket.
  • For questions about adding connectivity for special events, please contact Chris Dlugosz at x4841.

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