Good instruction starts with good pedagogy: know your learning objectives and design around them. The same is true for developing good instructional videos: design the video around your learning objectives. 

Getting started

Options for videos range from precisely honed productions to quick screencasts and even student produced videos. By integrating applicable visual elements with engaging questions, activities, or problem-solving exercises, you’ve created a mini-lesson that can move your students further and faster than you may have imagined.  The links below can help you imagine how video might align with your instructional goals, how you’ll assess the learning, and what sorts of resources you might need to accomplish your project.

Sample Instructional Videos produced by Carleton Faculty

Instructional Video Starter Document

More info

When you are ready to move past these initial considerations, please contact Dann, and we can make a “how to” plan together.

Tutorials for making the “Perfect” instructional video

Carleton’s Lightboard and ATEM Switcher

Captioning Request

To request that your instructional videos get captioned, please complete the form via the link, below.

Carleton Media Captioning Request Form


We are happy to discuss any planning, producing, or technical needs with you; please contact Dann Hurlbert (x4870) for more information.