What is it?

ITS supports 13 public labs on campus, spread across a number of buildings.  Intended primarily for student use, all of the labs features dual-boot iMacs running MacOS 10.10 and 64bit Windows 7. There are approximately 16 public printers, as well, several of which can print color.  The labs offer a mix of software, including the Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Creative Cloud, and a number of course-specific packages.  

How Do I use it at Carleton?

  • For a detailed list of lab locations and sizes, please visit Public Labs.
  • While all the public labs share a common base of software, not all packages are available in all places. Discover the complete list of Software Availability.
  • For more detailed information on printing in public labs, please see Printing at Carleton.
  • In addition to the public labs, there are a number of semi-public and departmental labs, which offer more specialized software packages unique to the departments they are associated with.
  • The computers in all public spaces are “refreshing,” meaning that when you log out, the computer removes all evidence that you were ever logged in, including any documents you created, settings you changed, and your browsing history.  To ensure you don’t lose any work, make sure you are saving your files to a network drive or a thumb drive when working on a public computer.

Please contact Kevin Chapman (x4336) for more information.