If your Panopto video is unavailable —

Videos which are stored in Panopto and have not been viewed for two years or more are automatically moved to the “Panopto Archive.” These videos must be restored from the Archive (which can take up to two days) before they become available for viewing.

Learn more about the Panopto Archive, including instructions for how to restore videos.

What is Panopto?

Panopto is a Lecture Capture system designed for education.  Users can record videos, upload existing videos, and share or embed easily.  It also integrates well with both Moodle and Zoom.  Its basic editing features lets you trim the heads and tails of your videos, or hack sections from the middle, but should not be confused with a quality editing tool. If you’re interested in working with the Academic Technology team to create a high-quality video, be sure to read the Instructional Video page.

Why is it useful?

Research has shown that the smart use of video increases student engagement, and can offer an excellent way for students to be introduced to or review content. Creating short, conversational videos and demonstrating your enthusiasm for the subject can create a sense of connection for your students, and increase the likelihood that they watch and absorb the lesson.

Delivering video content before class can allow your students come to class with questions and prepared for discussion on the material. Panopto allows you to embed quizzes in your videos, which can also increase the amount of time your students spend with your course material.

You can also use the built-in recording functions to create short feedback videos for your students. It’s easy to record a follow-up to class discussions, or provide video feedback on an assignment for the whole class, or for individual students.

How do I use it at Carleton?

Upon logging into https://carleton.hosted.panopto.com, you’ll be greeted by a series of “getting started” videos. With your videos in Panopto, it’s surprisingly easy to share those videos in Moodle. This short video walks you through different ways you can make it happen. One of the easiest ways is to click the green clover icon that appears on numerous pages through your course. From there, you can either insert an existing video or record a new one and the video will be viewable on the current Moodle page.

panopto button editor

Choose an existing video:

panopto choose a video

or record a new video:

Panopto record a video
panopto recorder

*Please note that Panopto will automatically “archive” any video that hasn’t been accessed in two years. For information about how to restore archived videos, see Panopto’s documentation.

There are a lot of resources available about using Panopto and about creating effective videos.

Written Documentation and Guides

Videos about using Panopto at Carleton

Teaching Tips

  • Consider creating a welcome video recorded in Panopto . . . and ask your students to post one too.
  • Use Panopto to create video feedback on an assignment — either for the whole class, a group, or a single student.
  • Include a video message in an email to your class.