Getting Started  

The DataSquad is a team of students who support data-related projects at Carleton. 

Our mission is to facilitate data processes for sustainable, replicable, and reproducible research, teaching, and workflows.

Members of the DataSquad do not create, interpret, analyze, dictate, or otherwise change the nature of data sets outside of the prescribed task. The DataSquad is a part of Carleton College’s Curricular & Research Data Services.

Our aim is to make your research and work life easier!

The DataSquad can grapple with simple to thorny data tasks and problems on your behalf. If there is a more efficient and programmatic way to address your goal, we will figure it out and lend a hand. DataSquad work falls into one of the following four categories:

Data Wrangling

e.g. Scraping or capturing data from multiple sources; Setting up a Dataverse, Git or GitHub repository; Consulting on data programming languages and strategies (Python, R, Java, etc.)

Data Carpentry

e.g. Data cleaning processes and constructing code-based solutions to data cleaning problems; Identifying metadata strategies and tools

Database Design & Development

e.g. Designing a safe place to capture your data (in SQL or other, as appropriate); Working with data capture or management tools like Qualtrics, Google Forms, Filemaker Pro, Acrobat Pro, etc. 

Data Viz

e.g. Creating data visualizations with tools such as Tableau, R & GGplot, R & Shiny, Python & libraries, Excel, Google charts, Plotly & other web-based tools; Consulting about data visualization strategies

More information

Visit the DataSquad website for more information.

The DataSquad is under the supervision of Academic Technology. For questions, or to get started on a new project, please contact Paula Lackie or send an email to with the word “datasquad” in the subject line.