What is it? 

ITS maintains a pool of iPads to loan out for the academic use of faculty and academic departments. iPad loans are for up to one term, and while we have generally been able to meet all of the requests, we cannot guarantee availability. You may request one or more iPads. If you have specific software needs for the iPads, please indicate that on the request form. If you need specialized software that needs to be purchased, you can buy it yourself or discuss options with ITS.

How Do I Use it at Carleton?

There is nothing particularly unique to using a Carleton iPad rather than one you buy yourself. Our iPads come preloaded with the default set of apps and if you have another iOS device like an iPhone, you can connect the Carleton iPad to your existing Apple ID and populate the device with all the apps you have under your Apple ID.

If you don’t already have an Apple ID, you’ll need one in order to download and install apps. Note that this process requires that you enter a credit card number, but please remember that many apps are free or very inexpensive. Consider configuring the iPad to confirm purchases, to avoid accidentally buying an app.

Remember that student data is protected under FERPA. Please be conscious of how any apps you download and install are using data.  Please save files to your Carleton Google Drive space and be wary of sharing data beyond that.

General iPad usage information is plentiful:

Teaching Tips 

Carleton faculty have had good luck using iPads to record lectures for online teaching. With the Explain Everything software and a stylus, you can create recordings that include writing, marking and annotation, and that can serve as a replacement for a classroom whiteboard.

Useful apps to consider:

Note: Please do not download or use the Moodle iPad app. We have disabled this app for Carleton due to reduced functionality and numerous issues. However, Moodle works normally through the Safari browser installed on your iPad.

Contact Randy Hoffner for details about requesting an iPad.

Urgent CARE

Need a quick example or description of how one of our tools can be viewed through CARE?

Not sure what CARE is? Please see this blog post on CARE for more information.

Community: Having iPads available to those who need them either as a backup device, or a way to handwrite using a stylus, show the general campus community there is an effort to meet needs as they arise.

Agency: For students who do not have a touch-enabled device with a large enough screen, but prefer to write and use a stylus, an iPad provides another option for that student to access their preferred notetaking method.

Representation: iPads are another tool that can help facilitate group work and collaborative projects. Working collaboratively can help students appreciate the contributions of their peers, reducing the impact of stereotypes by highlighting the value of diverse perspectives and skills.

Equal Access: iPads have access to various accessibility features to support students, ensuring that all students have equal opportunity to participate and succeed in their education. *Types and number of features depend on how old your iPad as well as the operating system in use.

Want to help others out with CARE strategies and iPad use? Please enter your strategies in the Poll Everywhere section below. As a reminder regarding personal or sensitive information, these will be available to those who visit this site. General content moderation may be on, so your shared strategy responses may be delayed.