PEPS will make Video/Audio Dubs & Conversions–provided the request meets copyright/Fair Use guidelines.

Media should be brought to WCC30 with a completed Media DUPLICATION Copyright Verification Form. or a Media CONVERSION Copyright Request Form. Duplication forms are for making additional copies in the exact same format–DVD to DVD, for example. Conversions Forms are for changing the format–DVD to .mp4, for example. Please note, those making the request must verify that they meet either Criteria 1, or ALL of the qualifications under Criteria 2. Those forms are available for download via the links, above, or in Weitz 30.

PEPS creates these items on a ‘cost of materials’ basis. A departmental charge number is required OR Schillers can be accepted using your OneCard.  We are unable to accept cash.

Please allow 5 business days standard processing. Large projects will require more time.

Please limit the number of items to be duplicated to six items at a time. If you have more than six items to duplicate, please only bring in six at a time. Our office is not equipped to handle large numbers of originals. Once we’ve completed the six tapes, you may pick up the copies, and bring in six more originals.

PEPS will not duplicate materials that contain an FBI anti-copy warning, and is unable to copy items with a ‘Digital Rights Management’ (DRM) program. Many new CDs and DVDs contain this software, making copies impossible. Please see Carleton College’s Copyright Policy.

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