The Carleton Assistive Technology program brings together academic and technical resources particularly in support of students with physical or learning disabilities. The program is run as a joint venture between ITS and Accessibility Resources. Specially-trained students, known as AzTech, are available to help any students, faculty, or staff who are interested.

Getting Started

One of the most popular Assistive Technology services is text-to-speech, which can be used to read assignments and papers aloud. Carleton provides a program called Kurzweil for this purpose. You can get more details by visiting the Kurzweil page of the Accessibility Resources website.

Speech-to-text software, called Dragon NaturallySpeaking, is available to transcribe spoken words. More details are available on the Dragon NaturallySpeaking page of the Accessibility Resources website.

Smart Pens allow you to take notes, while simultaneously recording a lecture or presentation; the written notes are then synced to the audio recording. Details on this technology are found on the Smart Pens page of the Accessibility Resources website.

More Info

More information about accessibility issues and technological solutions can be found on the AzTech page of the Accessibility Resources website.


Please contact Carleton’s Assistive Technologists, or visit Carleton’s Assistive Technology website.