Accounts for new college employees and employees of affiliated services are automatically created after the employee’s information is entered into Colleague. However, new employees must activate their netId accounts before they can receive email or access any college service requiring a login. Note that Educational Associates and similar “5th year” employees can continue to use their student netId’s, and do not need to go through the account activation process.

Getting Started:

  • New employees need to get their 16-digit Account Activation Code. The Dean of the College Office will email new faculty their activation code approximately 90 days before their start date. Staff and affiliated services employees will get their activation code emailed by ITS approximately one week before their start date, unless their supervisor opts to give them their account activation code on their first day of work. Human Resources or the Dean of the College can grant an employee access earlier than normal if necessary.
  • The 16 digit activation code allows new employees to create their accounts, including confirming their netId and creating their initial password. A default netId will be chosen for them; if they want a different one, they should stop the process and contact the ITS Helpdesk to request the change.
  • Email and certain other computing resources are available as soon as the new employee completes the activation workflow. Accounts in other systems will be created within a few business hours, overnight, or during the next business day.
  • The set of rights (the ability to access various network resources, such as file shares and online systems) is determined by the department for which the new employee works. Additional rights can be requested by contacting the ITS Helpdesk (x5999)


Please contact the ITS Helpdesk (x5999)