When accounts are created for Carleton staff and faculty, a lot of automation is in place to make sure that access is automatically granted to email, network drives and other important resources.  Please visit the New Employee Account Setup website for more information about the account setup and activation process.

If you need access to a specific resource for yourself or one of your employees and it is not on the list of things that happen automatically, this page will give you the information you need to get the necessary access quickly and easily.

Getting Started:

  • The most efficient way to request access to a resource is to submit a account request ticket. Please also include a detailed description of the type of access needed (e.g. the location of the folder, if they only need to be able to read the files, or if they need to be able to edit them, etc.).  If you are requesting access for yourself, please also include written authorization from your supervisor.

More Info:

Here are some examples of special access requests:

  • Shared folders: The new hire will be collaborating with a department outside of their own and needs access to the other department’s Shared folder(s)
    Ex: A new hire in the Office of the Provost needs to collaborate with Dean of Students office. Since Provost access will be granted automatically because of their position, access to DOSO-Shared folders or sub-folders would need to be added.
  • Sharing Google Calendars: These are managed by the calendar owner.
  • OnBase Access: By default, new employees in offices that use OnBase will be granted a basic level of access to their office’s files.  If more access is needed, please submit an OnBase request ticket.
  • OneCard Access: Campus Services manages OneCard access.  For more information and to request access, click here: Building Access Forms


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