This is a page created for COVID support, for more current information about computer labs, see our map of computer labs and software.

Software for Personal Computers

ITS has updated its offering of software that faculty, students, and staff can download and install on their personal computers. Further requests will be handled on an individual basis as resources allow.

Students who need computers will have the opportunity to choose a loaner laptop, ensuring that they, too, will have access to standard software through that personal computer and a way to connect to more specialized software through the REMOTELAB (see below).

Computer Labs

In preparation for Fall, the computer labs across campus, just like all the classrooms, will also need to have their seating capacities and/or layout adjusted.

Lab capacities for labs maintained by ITS will be as follows:

General Use Computer Classrooms

AND327 5 seats (from 12)
CMC110 8 seats (from 26)
LDC241 11 seats (from 22)
LDC242 8 seats (from 16)
LDC243 4 seats (from 8)
LIBR306 tbd
OLIN206 5 seats (from 11)
WCC026 Idea Lab 8 seats (from 12)
WCC138 20 seats (full capacity)*
WCC235 24 seats

* the size of this room allows adequate distancing while maintaining capacity

Departmental Computer Classrooms

AND125 (GEOL) 9 seats (from 18)
BOLI130 (ARTH) 5 seats (full capacity)
HUL102 (BIOL) 8 seats (from 16)
OLIN004 (PSYC) 10 seats (from 20)
OLIN011 (PSYC) 9 seats (from 18)


In the Spring, ITS developed the REMOTELAB to ensure student access to specialized software and computing resources. This service allows students to access lab computers from their own dorm rooms, favorite study spots, and even from home. All that is needed is a reliable internet connection. Please find information on how to connect, what software is available, and how to request new software for the REMOTELAB.

Note: All lab computers (physical and remote) were updated in December, 2021. New requests will be handled on an individual basis as resources allow.