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17 November 2022
By Various authors
Photograph of paper labels, each with the name of one of the major computer systems on campus. The labels are connected to each other by colored string, held in place by a pin next to its label..
String art map of the major system on campus.

As Carleton rapidly approaches critical milestones in the Workday implementation, the project team wants to make sure that the campus community has access to consolidated and meaningful information. The SEAMS website is the hub for this information. Documentation, blog posts and training materials are housed there.

The SEAMS leaders will continue to enhance the resources available on the site. Please take a little time to familiarize yourself with content now and in the future.

The Training section of the SEAMS site will be the portal for tutorial materials. There are already resources there for getting started. Watch that space for more training materials in the future!

Recent posts on the SEAMS blog:

Please contact Project Manager Julie Creamer with any questions.

SEAMS is not a subset of ITS, but members of ITS are involved in many areas of the transition from Colleague / HUB to Workday. View the people involved in different areas of the SEAMS Project.

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