The new normal

10 September 2021
By Iris Jastram

Welcome to Fall Term! It’s not quite like the Fall we had hoped for, or like other Falls we’ve had, but it seems to be edging us closer toward a New Normal at Carleton.

For Carleton employees, this is also the first term where we’re collectively taking what we learned about hybrid and remote work from the pandemic and beginning to really weave those lessons, strategies, and tools into our ongoing work.

Here are some ways that technology can support this New Normal.

Flexwork Technology tools and strategies

Zulu for everyone

Zulu software welcome screen
Click image for larger version

Zulu is the softphone software that we use at Carleton. It allows licensed users to make and receive calls from their computer. We have increased the number of licenses to allow all faculty and staff to have a license as of October 1st, allowing those participating in the new flex work to use the Zulu software while working from home. ITS has specific instructions on how to install and use the software once we have all faculty and staff set up with a license.  The software is very easy to use and will be a great addition to the flex work plan.

More information is available in the ITS Knowledge Base.

Quick tip: Click the magnifying glass icon to find the person you want to call without needing to look up their phone number!

Remember to register your devices on the updated Carleton network

Over the summer, many aspects of the Carleton network were upgraded. This means that people returning to campus for the first time since the upgrades happened will need to re-register their Internet-enabled devices on the Carleton network. Here are instructions for registering various devices.

What other ways can ITS facilitate your work? Drop us a line (

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