Technology tutorials in small bites

11 February 2021

The Carleton community has embraced a lot of new uses of technology over the past eight months. In response, ITS has offered more training opportunities. During December, Julie Creamer and Janet Scannell hit on the idea to host a virtual Technology Bingo. There were 10 live and 15 self-scheduled events that gave faculty and staff a chance to learn some things that could be beneficial during the winter and spring terms.

We had a great turnout for the week and here are some of the comments from faculty and staff:

“This is great. Thanks for the creativity and thought to put this together. I think it would be helpful for departments to showcase how they have successfully used virtual technology to host events.”

“I enjoyed the self-paced option! Thank you!”

“Carving out time for learning new things is challenging in a pandemic!”

In response to a question about what was the most interesting or useful thing that you learned, participants cited learning about Adobe tools, learning about, new options for interacting with the ITS Helpdesk, using, scheduling Zoom for other people and using the ITS Service Status Checker.

If you missed the event, links to all the recorded sessions are below. BINGO!


Being secure

B1. Complete Cybersecurity Training in Moodle (30 min)

B2. Watch the Cybersecurity Town Hall (60 min)

B3. Watch the Minute-to-Learn-It video on browser hijackers (1 min)

B4. Watch the Minute-to-Learn-It video on phishing (1 min)

B5. Read the data risk security guidelines (5 min)

Increasing online agility

I1. Doing more with Zoom (recording from Thursday)

I2. Watch the Minute-to-Learn-it video about creating Zoom sessions on behalf of someone (5 min)

I3. WordPress 101 Q&A (self-paced exploration)

I4. Making and Managing Media (recording from Tuesday)

I5. Convert your web “Profile” to a “Bio” (10-15 min)

Faculty/Staff Profile to Directory Bio Transition Instructions

New ideas

N1. Learning to Think Like Google (10 minute pre-session video,+ Paula’s  Intsa-tidy Tips)

N2. Linked In Learning and/or Minute to Learn-it Videos and/or Hour of Code (10 or more min)

N3. Creating a community space in (recording from Friday)

N4. How captioning works–and why it’s important (recording from Wednesday or self-paced exploration

N5. Opportunities with Adobe Acrobat Professional (recording from Thursday) + tip sheet + paperless signing

Getting support

G1. Explore the new Helpdesk “portal” (recording from Tuesday or self-paced exploration)

G2. Add your cell phone number to get “Tech Alerts” for major outages (10 min)

G3. Review content in the ITS Catalog of Services (5 or more min)

G4. Use the new ITS chat service (5 or more min)

G5. Review the Service Status Checker to see which vendor services provide status sites (5 or more min)

Operational efficiency

O1. Set up the Zulu “soft phone” (10 min)

O2. Explore the role of OnBase for workflow and document management (10 min)

O3. Do more efficient Google searching (recording from Monday or self-paced exploration)

O4. Review your file storage in Drive or Dropbox to make it easier to find information (recording from Wednesday)

O5. Using Google Drive to post secured documents to WordPress (10 min by text or video)

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