Talk to your student workers before their files get deleted

10 May 2023
By Wiebke Kuhn, Dann Hurlbert and Paula Lackie

Commencement is around the corner, and, for graduating seniors, brings the tough work of determining what to take with them and what to leave behind. Digital files are no different.

Graduating students lose their Carleton Google accounts after commencement (at the end of July), and with it, all their emails and access to their digital files stored in Google Drive. If no action is taken, those files shared with you could be deleted in 5 years.

Any digital file a student created and shared with you will eventually be deleted unless the student:

  • transferred ownership of the file to you, or
  • placed the file in a Shared Drive managed by you or your department. 

This impacts faculty as well as supervisors of those students. So, between now and the end of the term, consider asking your students to transfer ownership to you of any files shared with you.

Please also ask your student employees to review these important “Moving On” tips.

Take action now — connect with your students and discuss what path to take. 

For more information, check out the information in Store Smart, Store Less.