Summer Travel

31 May 2017

Summer is a time of travel and relaxation, but frequently one has the need to work from wherever one is. If you are planning to spend the summer away from the college, for work or pleasure, and will still need to access College resources, here are some resources to help.

One of the simplest and most powerful ways to keep your account safe, while reducing the need for ever-more-complicated passwords, is using “two-factor authentication.” (This is true all the time, not just when you travel.) At Carleton we use the app “Duo” for managing two-factor authentication.

Once you’re using Duo, you may want to consider additional steps to make sure you’re able to log in remotely, especially if you’re traveling internationally.  The two most common questions we get from travelers are:

  • I lost my phone and had to get a replacement.  Now I can’t log in.  What can I do?
    • There are two main options.  You can set multiple phones up as your second factor, and you can print an emergency set of codes to carry in your wallet or purse.
  • I’m traveling internationally and am planning on leaving my phone at home.  What can I do?
    • ITS has a limited supply of key fobs for checkout that generate unique IDs to serve as your second factor.  You can also purchase your own for $9.

More Duo questions are answered in the Duo FAQ.

We also recommend installing the college VPN.  VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it allows your computer, from anywhere in the world, to access network resources like it was plugged in on campus.  You can find complete installation and usage directions here.

Feel free to call the Helpdesk at x5999 for help or more information.

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