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4 September 2018

Course Resources – Request what you need

As a reminder, some traditional electronic resources for courses are no longer created automatically, including mailing lists in Google Groups, Dropbox groups, and course folders.

  • Learn more about requesting these each term on our Course Resource wiki guide.
  • Moodle courses are still automatically created for all courses.

Duo – Improve your experience

Two-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security to Carleton accounts. Here are things to check to make sure Duo is working the best it can!

  • Remember me for 60 days minimizes the number of Duo pushes you get. If this box is greyed out, look at the troubleshooting section of the Duo wiki guide for tips to fix the issue.
  • Authenticate faster by accepting pushes from the lock screen on iPhones (find the section on notifications), or from the notification on Android devices.
  • Avoid getting locked out: Make sure you have backup codes stored in your wallet or bag.  This helps even if you just left your phone at home!
  • Get codes without coverage: If cell reception is poor or you are traveling the Duo app can generate access codes without an internet connection. Open the app and tap on “Carleton College” for a new code.

Eduroam – Connect across campuses

Properly configured, Carleton Eduroam access should allow you to connect seamlessly at campuses across the US and the world, with more coming online regularly.

  • Configure your devices: Running the eduroam configuration tool is required to get this cross-campus access and provides the best on-campus Eduroam experience.  Read instructions on our Eduroam wiki guide.
  • Use your full Carleton email: When the configuration tool asks for your username, enter your Carleton email.  This tells other eduroam networks to confirm your identity through Carleton.

And as always, if you need help you can email or call 507-222-5999 if a quick response is needed.

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