Ski Jumping—Flying High with Remote Work

6 February 2020

When the Winter Olympics began in 1924, there were 16 events; in 2022, there will be 109. Change happens, and it’s no different at Carleton. A recent “event” added to Carleton’s Flextime Policy is Remote Work, which allows an employee to work from off campus, when and if their supervisor sets the parameters and the Remote Work Agreement has been approved.

Four essential elements of your training to complete as part of your preparation:

  1. Set up your connection to the college’s VPN (Virtual Private Network) in advance. With the VPN enabled, you’re able to speedily access your files and data with far greater security—even when connecting from off-campus. It’s important.
  2. Use two-factor authentication and be a gold medalist with your passwords and authentication. Here are instructions for setting up Duo, our two-factor tool, and tips for managing passwords.
  3. Verify people know how to reach you. Update your calendar. Forward your phone. And be comfortable using Zoom or Google Hangouts/Meet for video conferencing. We have training videos and documentation to get you up to speed.
  4. Create a work area that is conducive to both your health and your productivity. Try to eliminate distractions, and create a workspace that is ergonomically beneficial.

With a little bit of training, you too may fit the profile of an Olympic Remote Worker!