SEAMS updates, Workday tips and training

10 May 2023
By Matt Klooster and Iris Jastram

Workday training docs are found within Workday itself (not on the ITS or college websites).

Here are three tips to more easily find what you need in Workday: 

1) Add Workday Learning pages to your Workday search results. This will bring them all right to your fingertips as you use the Workday search box.  

2) Workday Search is very strict; it only searches for exact matches between your search terms and Workday page titles. Learn more about how Workday Search works. We’re also building out more search options (read more in the SEAMS blog). 

3) If you’ve looked for a couple of minutes and not found helpful results, please contact HR, the Business Office, or ITS. Here is a list of topics and the corresponding contact information for the people who can help you.

Read about more improvements being made to Workday search results on the SEAMS blog.

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